Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting To completely secure your privacy policy, we published this document explaining our online information practices, information gathering, and it’s usage. To make this document accessible to all, we have published it on our home page and at every other page with which the user interacts.

We are devoted to securing your privacy, and any data that can be used for any profitable purpose. We are dedicated to providing you the most effective and secure online experience.

This privacy policy is applicable to every MaxySpark- owned websites, domains, and subdomains. This privacy document covers any information that can be associated with any person or their identity. This document also covers any data that is collected about an individual on prior notice or anonymously, and it’s reporting.

What we collect

Any information like name, contact details, and other user details can be obtained during registration/ login or payment checkout. User details include name, age, sex, username, password, date of birth, email, address, phone, fax, credit card information, transaction details, license number, or any other social security number.

When you surf our website without logging in, no personal information is collected. But we may collect your IP address details from improvising our site by knowing the device type of users, average time spend on a particular section of the site, and also to store browser cookies. Such details enlighten us with the behavior of our users so that we can optimize our website and provide a rich user experience. More information about the use of browser cache and cookies is provided below.

Use of Data

  • To ensure continuity in provider services.
  • To develop any communication like feedback, query, support, or survey.
  • To provide promotional offers or notifications regarding upcoming events or blogs on special request.
  • To help us develop quality content and enrich our user’s experience.
  • To publish relevant content for the targeted audience.

Transfer of Data

We never reveal or sell any personal information associated with an individual, a group, or any organization to any third party sites, vendors, or services that may compromise the privacy of our users. Prior notice will be given to the users in case of any transfer of data to any partner organizations or associates.

All the data that we collect is limited to only us and our associated partners or companies. The information can be transferred to other providers in events of acquisitions or mergers in full compliance with our privacy policy.


The contents on this site contain references and links to other sites on the internet. We don’t have any onus on the data collected by those sites on which our user lands upon clicking any links from our site. Those sites will have their own privacy policy, and users are advised to check the document before submitting any personal information on such websites. MaxySpark can not be held accountable for any data theft or leakage on such sites that are referenced on our links.

Data Deletion

We hold any data only till the time we need it. Once the requirement is over, we completely erase all the data from our system. All information associated with users like email, contact, or other personal information will be deleted when it’s not necessary. Such data can also be deleted on individual requests by the user.

Use of Browser Cookies

Whenever you visit our site publicly, the browser stores browsing recorded history in a file on your system. The purpose of storing such information is to keep track of your visits and activities. Such information helps us to ease out your browsing process and also optimize our content based on your taste and provide you a better experience.

Tracking cookies are used to create long term records of your multiple visits on our site. This helps us in providing you personalized user experience. Also, session cookies are stored to keep track of your browsing sessions.


Feel free to reach out to us via contact us form.

Though we have tried to cover every aspect of privacy, still there might be a little room for improvement. Please do reach out to us in case you have any suggestions regarding our privacy. Any concerns or queries related to our privacy statement will be addressed on priority.

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